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I have just purchased 2 STRAWBERRY PLANTS I have placed them
outside....they are both in large plastic pots, look healthy....where do i go from here? Where will they be happier, in the ground, or in a large container?.
Are they fussy about which soil they are grown in? first attempt at growing fruit, would like some help, would appreciate it....



i grow mine in pots,i find it easier but you must remember to water them.i dont bother to even mulch mine,watch out for slugs though.
you can grow afew in the pot,they dont need a huge amount of only need to feed them with tomato feed after they have fruited.
they like to be in the sun,but will be ok with a little shade.
when they have fruited you will find they have little runner plants,pin these down in the soil and in about 6 weeks they will have there own little can then cut the little plant away from the parent plant and you will increase the number of plants ready for next year.
hope that helps.

7 May, 2010


Thank you Pmaiden...i really appreciated your help...your instructions are
easy to follow....i am really looking forward to my first set of Strawberries
once again Thanks!!

7 May, 2010

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