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can I use tomatoe feed on my lawn



No - tomato food is high in nutrients that promote flowering which you don't want your grass to do - you need high nitrogen for grass.

8 May, 2010


Actually, the tomato foods sold here in the States all have a formula very similar to the best lawn foods. Maybe different formulas are necessary in cooler climates. Other than that, one of the easiest things about plants is that they can't read!

8 May, 2010


Sorry Guest, don't want to bore you with the science, but this is in answer to Tugbrethil - In UK, tomato food usually has an NPK of something like 4-4-12, whereas spring/summer lawn feed (with or without weedkillers and mosskillers) has an average NPK between 10-2-2 and 20-10-10 (the latter is for spring use only). You're right, Tugbrethil, plants can't read - but we can, which is why I'm saying to Guest don't use tomato food on the lawn - use a proper lawn fertiliser, like a Weed and Feed combination in granular or liquid form.

9 May, 2010


That's why I said what I did about different formulas, Bamboo. Tomato feeds here in the USA run to 18-18-20, or 14-7-10, while the best lawn food is 21-7-14. Guest, Bamboo is absolutely right, a lawn would not be very happy on a diet of 4-4-12 food! If you have to use it up, use it on flowering tropicals, such as cannas, hibiscus, Madagascar periwinkle, Angelonia, etc.

10 May, 2010

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