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Are solar powered lights around a pond a good thing or a bad thing? Don't want to disturb the wildlife that hopefully one day i will get in the pond!



Might stop someone falling in at night after one too many!!!!! Frogs might like to see who they are croaking at too. Don't like yours and all that.......

8 May, 2010


Hope you don't mean me Dorjac ha ha ha

8 May, 2010


I don't see any harm in solar lights. They shouldn't disturb wildlife, and they are lot better for the environment, cheaper and a lot easier than having lights hooked up to the mains.

9 May, 2010


Thanks Alex if it won't disturb any animals I will buy some. Am worried about electricity in the garden. At least with these kind of lights I don't need to worry

9 May, 2010


I am happy to help, and yes, you can now relax and no need to worry.

10 May, 2010

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