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Question again...We dug the entire pond hole...nice shelving, made sure we have enough flexible liner, hopefully enough rocks, and plants for the finished look...BUT, There are quite a few roots. I'm so afraid that they will come through my liner(some small ones were cut) Can I kill those roots, I really dont want to hurt that tree?. There is a huge one that goes under the pond but it is below the dirt and runs the complete length of the pond bottom. I think if I dont touch that one, it will just stay low and grow longer away from the pond....Any suggestions?



not sure exactly about the roots someone else may knowbut when we did our pond a thick layer of sand went down and then firmed down really well (we used a roller) then all the old carpet and underlay we could beg went on top finished with the liner

9 May, 2010


If you follow Pamg's advice then the roots shouldn't cause a problem.

9 May, 2010


moon and pam are right roots bye nature arnt pointy daggers ,they are like water and gently and slowley look for want of a better word for the water table and goodness etc .once they have found these they thicken up and send more down to the right places .if you were building under something like a concrete pond i would definatly say dont do it.dont cut the roots at all as that is the only chance of them getting sharp . its the thickening of roots and shrinking when its dry makes concrete ponds,houses etc crack and become unstable . you wont have a problem under a liner.

9 May, 2010

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