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By Isabar

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Why do my plants only flower when they new. eg. Christmas cactus and peace lily?



Christmas Cacti need feeding and watering, and also benefit from being put outside in the summer. (HAHA) Then, they should flourish and flower for many years. You can re-pot them in the spring. Peace Lilies need shade in the house, they also like a feed occasionally. Maybe your plants just need a bit of TLC?

5 Jul, 2008


I believe the christmas cactus also needs temps below 10deg celcius at night for it to flower again (don't take that as gospel, but I looked on the web for this a while back).

As for peace lily; I've got one that I bought new and no flowers for ages; but it's just sprouted a new flower (so maybe just a long cooling off period between flowers?)

1 Sep, 2008


If the peace lily is placed in low light in wont flower well place in a bright to medium light did you cut off the old flower stalks that will allow it to bloom also use flowering plant fertilize during growing season. The christmas cactus will only flower around christmasAfter blooming keep soil dryer and with hold fertilizer. It often blooms again later in winter.

Subject plant to 14 hours of uninterrupted darkness each night for 6-8 weeks, around the middle of October. Avoiding changing plant location once it starts setting blooms it will abort its flowers if light is changed, or a drafty location.hope this helps you any plantpro25!

21 Sep, 2009

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