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This may sound a weird question. Can you eat the fruits from a chocolate vine? does anyone grow this plant? Just seen a picture of it it looks weird and wonderful!



I do grow it, and mine hasn't yet produced any fruits...I gather that two plants are needed to get fruits - and I also read that they 'are' edible. So now that I have the Cream Form' one, I might get a surprise crop!

9 May, 2010


Thanks Spritz, looks an interesting plant. Would it be any good outside my kitceh door. Its a bit of a corridor, gets about 3 hours of sun a day. Want something to climb up the fence. But not honeysuckle, cant stand the smell of it! Grows very fast I hear

9 May, 2010


sorry about spelling, a lot of my keys are not working

9 May, 2010


Let me know what happens Spritz

9 May, 2010


I think it might need more sun than that, Great...sorry...I have the maroon one in almost full sun, and the new one in a west-facing position, tho' it has a shrub that takes some of its light in the evening.

I will indeed keep an eye on the fruiting (or not, as the case may be) lol..

9 May, 2010


i have a maroon one as well,alass no fruits but you do need cross pollination.they will grow on an east or north facing wall but do like the sun best.

9 May, 2010


looks like I will have to think again then.

10 May, 2010

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