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how much sun does a vegetable patch need? i took notice!


By Clairey

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

how much sun does a vegetable patch need? i have spent hours digging over weeding and placing rocks to make a great vegetable patch..... now looking out the window i have realised its now in the shade.... grrrrr

It gets sun until about 13:/14:00 is that enough?



my little patch has abit of shade but you do need the sun at some point.
you will find fruit things like gooseberries,black currants and red currants dont mine a bit of shade, my beans don't mind either it just depends on what you want to grow.

9 May, 2010


As much as possible for the veg. to grow and ripen properly. As PM says they can cope with some shade but will do better in full sun.

9 May, 2010


Oh! hmmmm, i guess i probably should have asked before i started lol oh well i now have a clear area for something else to go... something that likes shade.

It gets sun up until lunch time, but i have started some carrots, brocolli, cucumbers, and rhubarb in my litle green house, bought some potatoes that are now ready to go in ground.

Thank you for reply. :o)

9 May, 2010


My 8m x 8m veggie patch is in a clearing in the trees and gets full sun for a couple of hours in the morning and dappled sunshine for the rest of the day and we have managed to produce some good crops including swetcorn, runner beans and courgettes. We plant the rows North to South to maximise the light they get and try not to put the taller plants in the west of the plot. Takes a bit of planning, but it is certainly worth it. good luck.

9 May, 2010

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