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Can anyone ID these for me?

Ontario, Canada Ca

These don't seem to be on the listing of the Old Fashioned Flower Garden seed varieties. Does anyone recognise them?




Possibly a Silene or a Lychnis?

6 Jul, 2008


I thought maybe phlox .

6 Jul, 2008


Silene, but I wish I knew which one. they pop up allover our garden.

6 Jul, 2008


Thank you very much! They are quite pretty!

6 Jul, 2008


Hurrah. I think I have found it. check out Silene armeria!

6 Jul, 2008

Grammazoo check this out I thought yours was like this.

7 Jul, 2008


Have checked out both of them, thanks for all the help! It is the Silene armeria. They are quite pretty plants! Thanks again! I'm happy that you found the exact variety for me Owdboggy!

8 Jul, 2008


Chuffed that I have found out what it is too after years of it appearing.

15 Jul, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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