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Chinese Lanterns-Haw you Grown them?

wales, United Kingdom Gb

Chinese Lanterns-Have you Grown them?

I bought a mix of bulbs from Poundland. Amongst them were chinese lanterns. When I tipped them out (growing in pot) I could only see sawdust. Eventually I found four twig like things tied up with an elastic band about four inches long with what appears to be a hairy root.

The instructions on the packet were non existent so I've buried them vertically in the compost a couple of inches deep off the tip.

Has anyone grown chinese lanterns?




They are Physalis, common names Chinese lantern, Cape Gooseberry or ground cherry. They are edible but are also grown as a garden feature. They grow into a bush bearing little paper-like lanterns containing golden coloured fruits the size of a cherry tomato.

Physalis plants don't have bulbs but have fleshy roots called rhizomes. They should root ok and you can transfer them into large pots when they grow. I would use pots to keep them contained instead of planting them out into your garden as they can be quite invasive.

23 Feb, 2014


I have grown them from seed but it took a couple of years trying before I got enough plants to make a show. Now they are well established and are becoming a nuisance as their roots travel along way. I love them as they give a lovely autumn showing but I will be brutal with them to keep them in check.

1 Mar, 2014

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