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By Geepy

North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

We planted a wisteria 5 years ago on a south facing wall... It is now over ten foot tall but we have never had a single flower in spite of abundant leaves and fertiliser and water ... what is going on here ??????



I think that they can take about 5 years to start flowering, so keep with it, it will be worth it when it does flower.

10 May, 2010


Welcome, Geepy!
Was it a named variety? Unnamed seedlings can take as long as 20 years to get old enough to bloom. Heavy pruning every spring can prevent bloom, too: the flower buds form the previous fall, and can be difficult to distinguish from leaf buds. Best to wait pruning until after bloom. Wisterias are nitrogen fixers, so you might want to use a fertilizer low in nitrogen, and high in other nutrients, such as tomato feed. Excess nitrogen will delay plant maturity, and encourage growth at the expense of flowers in most plants.

10 May, 2010


I have sent you a PM, Geepy

10 May, 2010


my wisteria flowed from year 1 ,but was more like a shrub untill a gardener client told me to prune it which i did, thort i killed it lol. but its great now, i dont reall feed it alot, just water it. i have just trimed a few stray tendrills of , but flowering away have a look at pics,gardener says u need to prune twice a year and just leve the main stems to get more flowers. u cud google it 4 more info

10 May, 2010


Thanks to all who tried to help

Bamboo ... I guess a ' pm' is a private msg but nothing received and I can't see how to access anything from ' Grows on You ' .. I'm a new member and suyppose I must be being dim ??? now be nice !!


12 May, 2010


Just checked and its in my outbox, Geepy, so it definitely got sent to you. Go to your home page, click on the Inbox button - look for a bright blue, rather long message from me sent 10th May. All private messages come in bright blue boxes to differentiate from non private ones. Hope you find it, I can't bear to type it all again, lol!

12 May, 2010



Gottit !!

Many thanks indeed ... msg understood !!


12 May, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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