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l have just bought a blueberry bush and cranberry bush which l thought l would try this year...any ideas for success please..Buzby28



They are in the ericaceous family, like semi shade - think woodland plants, lean acidic soil.

11 May, 2010


Be careful not to overfeed your blueberry - I think I killed mine this spring with too much sulphate of iron :( I'd go for containers and ericaceous compost (but bear in mind my track record!)

11 May, 2010


Many thanks for the replies.....

12 May, 2010


We have two blueberry plants which do not thrive at all.
My husband gave them a lot of appropriate soil (the one they need, so not our usual stuff we have in the garden) but still no good. This year we added a lot of pine needles to the soil.
As Weatherwise suggested, it is best not to feed them their first year.
I think they like the sun, that's what I read only recently, (whereas ours have semi-shade, and are standing near a walnut tree, so quite dry), and also quite a lot of water (so not really what I used to think).
I think I would advise you to put them in large containers, where you can control everything (soil, humidity, hours of sunshine, and so on).
We also have two cranberry plants, also with no great success. Philip said to me the other day: "No wonder why they do not grow them over here".
And both plants are rather expensive, aren't they!
I wish you success in any case.
You can always look on the internet for other advise.
I looked this up for you:

3 Jun, 2010


thanks very much for all the advice, much appreciated.......buzby28

4 Jun, 2010

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