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Please, does anyone recognise the variety? It belongs to my neighbour and I'd like to do the best for it. (He is not a gardener and I found it, having burst its little black pot, on his patio looking like dead twigs).
a)how big will it grow?
b)OK in a pot? (not much choice of sites)
c) shelter, I think - sun or shade?
His partner, who probably bought it, died last year.

On plant Acer palmatum

Acer-3 Acer-red-leaves-copy



acer willbe fine in a large pot of good potting compost- will need protection from strong winds and likes some shade will grow slowly to around 5 foot depending on size of pot and plant type - some grow low and speading others taller good luck and don`t neglect watering it

11 May, 2010


arr sorry computer problems your lovely pic has just appeared obviously not short and spreading

11 May, 2010


Thank you! I'd like to put it on his patio in a large pot - but maybe not if it's 5 feet across...I'll put up a leaf pic. in case that helps with size?

11 May, 2010


Looks like it might need a bigger pot shortly - it is Acer palmatum of some variety (there are so many hybrids now) but by the look of its growth habit, I'd imagine it'll be a larger variety, perhaps reaching 9 to 10 feet eventually, but not for some time. It also looks like one that gets taller than its width, so may well not spread out to five feet. I say this because I had this one years ago, and it did grow tall and not spread out, I kept it in a tub for about 8 years, then planted it out, and now, five years on, it's 9 feet high. Beautiful colour.

11 May, 2010


Thank you! We've got a larger pot, and if you are right about the shape I can put it on his patio. It's sheltered there but there's not space for 5 ft across! Five years, we can think again! I thought it might not be small because it had such a large, strong root...I suspect there was more of it as some was broken.

11 May, 2010


Could be Acer plalmatum 'bloodgood' or 'Atropurpureum', i hjave 'bloodgood' but mine looks a little darker, the trouble is there are so many varieties and they do look similar, they are lovely trees though, probably fairly slow growing aswell

12 May, 2010



13 May, 2010

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