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Perthshire, United Kingdom Gb

telegraf poles can they be used to make a raised bed



Possibly. Just remember that the creosote on them isn't a good thing when growing edibles.

12 May, 2010


Should be OK but I agree with Tugbrethil about the creosote maybe you could line the edge with plastic or weedgard to create a barrier between the plants and poles

12 May, 2010


I don't know about weedgard, if it's a fabric, but plastic should work.

12 May, 2010


Hi Tugbrethil
Weedgard is the black membrane fabric that you will know about its just a brand name.

14 May, 2010


Since it is a fabric, it will allow some of the creosote byproducts to leach through to the roots. Better to use actual plastic sheet, 6 mil--I don't know the metric equivalent--or thicker.

14 May, 2010

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