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My lawn is full of moss,could it be anything to do with some moss I brought home to line a basket of winter pansies? I found it growing on an Aquaduct in October.



Could be but there is a lot more moss in lawns this year due to lots of rain and a relatively mild winter

24 Feb, 2014


Perhaps a coincidence then,I have noticed a lot in other lawns too. Any recomended treatment, and when is the best time to do it?

24 Feb, 2014


Mine too poppy! The best time for scarifying your lawn (raking the moss out) is in the autumn, but it can be done lightly in the spring. If you want, you can buy a moss killer for your lawn, which you apply and then leave. It takes a few days to turn all the moss black. I shan't bother with that, I shall just rake it out. I think I've improved the light levels by removing some trees and large shrubs, so I'm hoping that will help. The other cause of moss in lawns is poor drainage, so you could also use a spiking tool and brush in some sand to improve the drainage. Does all this sound like hard, hard work? Yup! A lawn is the most high maintenance thing in any garden! We could just leave it?! Moss is green after all! :))

24 Feb, 2014


Scarify it, rake it vigorously to scrape the moss off. Then spike the lawn and apply a top dressing of sharp sand.

This should be done in March or April.

24 Feb, 2014


Just beat me to it Cottagekarer ;o)

24 Feb, 2014



25 Feb, 2014


You know what everyone,I was mowing on sunday and there is more moss than I realised it is a lovely light green and wondered if there was any real reason NOT to leave it and have a moss lawn???

11 Mar, 2014

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