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Hi, I came across this lovely flower the other day. I'm fairly sure it's either a snowdrop or a snowbell. Does anyone know for certain? Thank you.

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At first I though Leucojum vernum var. carpathicum but on looking again I think it is a Galanthus, one with a green tip to the outer 'petals'.

24 Feb, 2014


I would say exactly as Owdboggy. The flowers don't seem to be quite 'chunky' enough for Leucojum.

24 Feb, 2014


I think it is a Leucojum as it looks as if it is on a longer stem and is a fresh green whereas snowdrops are shorter and the leaves are more of a grey/green.

24 Feb, 2014


Easy way to tell, in Leucojum all the petals are the same length ,in a Galanthus the three inner petals are shorter than the outer ones. Also the 6 petals would be tipped with green in Leucojum. In Galanthus the inner petals would have a horseshoe shaped mark. There are Galanthus with pure green leaves.

24 Feb, 2014


It looks exactly the same as a long-stemmed plant I have that came from my mother's garden many years ago. She always called it 'snowflake'. By the photo and the descriptions given, I would guess it is a Leucojum.

24 Feb, 2014


So it's a snowflake rather than a snowbell or snowdrop! I almost got it right ;)
Thanks everyone

25 Feb, 2014

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