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I have just recieved my plants through the post, with no instructions. Could someone please tell me how do I plant Phlox. This is how they've come. Do I need to soak them, or just plant them in soil or in a pot?

On plant Phlox paniculata




Same story as the Astilbes, I'd pot them up till they got established, then plant out.

13 May, 2010


Thanks Bamboo

13 May, 2010


When you do plant out full sun in an airy spot (prone to mildew) and again 12 - 15 inches between plants.

13 May, 2010


mildew oh no!!

13 May, 2010


And they hate dryness at the roots with a vengeance, so water well during dry spells.

13 May, 2010


Yup lots of water

13 May, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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