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I have some everlasting wall flowers which have been flowering since summer, but are very "thin" now. How and when should i prune them to ensure a good flowering this year?



Hi, welcome to GoY, first of all, may I suggest you remove your e-mail address from your question, it isn't needed for any replies.
As or trimming your erysimum, if you cut the dead flower stems back to a decent sized side shoot, these will grow on, and provide you with flowers, keep on doing this, and you will have flowers indefinitely, they just keep on flowering, Derek.

24 Feb, 2014


I have the same problem. Should the plants be fed after pruning? I feel they have used a lot of energy by blooming through the winter!

24 Feb, 2014


They'll be fine Penny'f . . it's what they do! And the 'prunings' can be put into compost as cuttings - they will soon make new roots.

24 Feb, 2014


Hi penny, I agree with Sheilabub, they just keep on flowering, and then they suddenly die, they're only a short lived perennial, that's why it's recommended that you take cuttings every year, in case they, or 1 or 2, decide to die off, so you have replacements, Derek.

24 Feb, 2014

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