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Can someone please talk me through caring for a wildlife pond. Im new to ponds and once I have wildlife in mine - I want it all to be happy. How do I keep my small pond healthy and inviting to all wildlife. Pond maintance I suppose



remove any leaves that blow/fall in the autumn. other than that they should need limited maintanence. if you have long periods of little rain add tap water that has been left to satnd for a couple of days. this lets the chlorine in the water leave the water. Again through the summer remove any aquatic leaves that are showing signs of dieing [yellowing leaves] or any dead flower heads.

If you see any obvious dead critters scoop them out too. your pond is quite small so these will help to keep it in tip top condition.

you will get lots of insects like pond skaters and water boatmen too. in time you will get water shrimp that look like woodlice that have been folded in half like a shrimp. all are good in the pond.

13 May, 2010


Thanks SBG I cant wait for the new arrivals, any creature will do lol Already have created a turf war between the sparrows and the bluetits "Oh get off our branch" and all that, was just telling Christina. Its so funny to watch!

13 May, 2010


well you are well on your way. birds will start drinking from it too.

13 May, 2010


Birds are already drinking out of it. bees are visiting the flowers around the pond as well. Just need pond dwellers. Maybe next week lol

13 May, 2010


wont take long patience Great :o)

13 May, 2010


dont forget newts. plus they are a protected specie.
the birds have been busy having a little wash and drink in mine.
But im glad i have NOT got any frogspawn , otherwise they would be eating it

13 May, 2010


Sixpence I have no patience!!! ha ha ha Just checked the pond. I has dead moths in it aah

14 May, 2010

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