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what can i use for a substitute for manure



Hi Norfolkboy and Welcome to GoY compost? You need to amplify the question… before we can give you a proper answer.

24 Feb, 2014


hi from me too, well rotted home compost/spent mushroom compost /green manure/leaf mould.
but what are you planning to grow?

24 Feb, 2014


If you're looking to feed your plants, any of the slow release fertilizers will do such as growmore. 6X pelleted chicken manure is good stuff too.

If you're just looking to improve the soil quality, any organic waste is waste, spent compost, even stuff like grit and (non building) sand are useful.

25 Feb, 2014


I almost never use animal manure. I would but I find a product called Care Compost much more convenient. You can find this under various names as it is the green waste collected by councils composted down. £2 for 40 litres in the Midlands.
And, naturally, you can't beat your own homemade garden compost if you don't mind the weed seeds.

25 Feb, 2014


Personally Bulba and I try to avoid the compost created from 'green' waste by the local council… we've seen the sort of thing that gets put into it! Moray Council encourages you to put all cooked food waste, including animal products in. Our son, in Yorkshire, is only allowed to put garden waste into his. So check what you are getting if you do buy!

25 Feb, 2014


True, the quality can vary but here in the West Midlands the composted green waste is excellent.

25 Feb, 2014

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