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I have a very large Verbena bush in the back garden , however it is too big now , does anyone know if it is possible to transplant this to another site or will I kill it if I try ? Thanks



Do you mean Viburnum? Verbena doesn't make a large bush. Bushes don't transplant well if they are large. You could try taking some cuttings and growing a new plant to put elsewhere? However if you want to try to move it, you should do it in winter. Prune it down to a manageable size and dig out as much root as you can. Keep the plant watered for the whole of the next season.

14 May, 2010


Thanks very much for your answer - I think I will try and take some cuttings as I dont really want to wait until winter to get it out the ground as its blocking the light from an arbour that is alongside it. I only have a small garden and its too dominating the size it is .

( Might have to do it under the cover of darkness though as my neighbour is a great admirer of it and she really 'told me off' when I pruned it last year !! )

Thanks again


14 May, 2010


We do too. We have two 7' Verbena in our garden and they are stunning and quite fragrant but only flower in Virginia for three weeks or so each Spring. They are most decidedly not Viburnum of which we have two as well. It is good to recall that there are over 250 species of Viburnum ranging from little 6-8" plants to large bushes such as we have. In bloom, one can smell ours 200' away.

26 Apr, 2011

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