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Why are my primulars growing so tall

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

I think they were just called rainbow primroses and were planted in tubs and baskets in September.The flower stalks have grown high in some cases instead of staying in a group.



I think that we need some more information, Ann. What type of Primula are they and were they in your garden last spring or have you planted them since? Also, what do you mean by tall?

26 Feb, 2014


some have the genetics to make longer stems. its just like us and variety of heights.
also the ones towards the back will get less light so will 'grow' taller to reach more light.

27 Feb, 2014


'Rainbow' primroses could just be a modern way of saying 'mixed colours'. In which case there could be a mix of primroses and polyanthus, the latter putting up longer stems with several flowerheads on each stem.

27 Feb, 2014

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