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Can I put oregano and rosemary pots out in the open now?



Depends where you live. My rosemary stays out all the year round. should be OK unless its very cold, exposed etc.
Don't know about the oregano - if you need a similar herb that will live outside all year try marjoram. The golden one is very pretty, flowers profusely for a long time and is always full of a selection of bees, hoverflies etc.

26 Feb, 2014


both mine are in the ground and have been for many years. the oregano is in a more sheltered spot and is fine.

27 Feb, 2014


Oregano is perfectly hardy, I use the yellow form as ground cover in sunny borders. However, if your plants have been inside all this time, you will need to harden them off for about a week or so by leaving them out for extending periods during that time until they've been out all night.

27 Feb, 2014


Bamboo your oregano sounds like my golden marjoram, which does spread and makes a dense mat. Are the two sometimes confused - seem to recall reading somewhere that one is sometimes mistakenly called by the name of the other but I can't remember which way round it was.

27 Feb, 2014


They're all Origanum varieties, Steragram - pot or french marjoram is O. onites, sweet marjoram is O. majorana. In one of my encyclopaedias, Origanum vulgare is listed with the common names 'Common Marjoram or Common Oregano'. I have a feeling that anything called marjoram is usually either O. majorana, which isn't hardy, and possibly French marjoram, which is hardy, but usually grown in a pot. In culinary use, plants sold as Marjoram seem to have a milder flavour than common old oregano, but maybe that's just me!

1 Mar, 2014


Now I am even more confused! I have two plants both in the ground and both spreading enthusiastically and definitely hardy here, and the insects love them whichever they are!

1 Mar, 2014


It is a confusing situation with oregano/marjoram, bit potato potaaato....

3 Mar, 2014


Lol! Hope you're feeling a bit better these days?

3 Mar, 2014


I'll pm you...

4 Mar, 2014

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