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Anenome de caen, please does anyone have any advice on planting these. Such as, do they need soaking and how deep to plant. Any of your experiences would be helpful. Many thanks Nan.



I think they do need soaking. Not had much luck with them - hope yours do better.

26 Feb, 2014


I grow them successfully,
I soaked them over night then I planted them in pots until I had decent leaf growth then I planted them out in the 'final' positions. they then come every year. 5yrs and they are clumping up.

27 Feb, 2014


thanks. Is there a right and wrong way up?

27 Feb, 2014


they are so wrinkly it is difficult to tell. there is sometimes a clear dimple thet goes up. but dont worry, they will soon turn themselves the right way.

27 Feb, 2014


Planting in pots first is a good idea - might give it a go, as they are such lovely flowers.

27 Feb, 2014


it also allowed me to check the colour of the flowers as I do like to keep things 'ordered'. :o)

28 Feb, 2014

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