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I have grown some begonias saved from last summer and one of them has grown so big (18 in ) I don't know what to do with it as obviously it's far too early to put in a basket. Is it normal to grow so big so early or will it suddenly die off? It looks very healthy!



Hi, is it a bedding Begonia, the fibrous rooted type, {Begonia semperflorens}, which you have taken indoors for the winter?, a lot of people use them as house plants as they keep on growing and flowering, if so I would keep it indoors and enjoy it as a house plant, and buy fresh plants for summer bedding. if on the other hand it's a tuberous rooted Begonia, it should have been kept dry with all the old roots and shoots taken off, and stored frost free for the winter, if it's this type, then you will need to harden it off gradually, starting in mid may, to plant out in early june, Derek.

28 Feb, 2014


Hello Derekm,

Thanks for the response but all the other plants seem to be of normal size except this one. It has only been growing for about two weeks and now resembles Jack and the Beanstalk proportions!!! Well I will take good care of it and hope, come Summer, I can find a basket big enough!! Debbie.

1 Mar, 2014

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