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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Advice please.
A friend here in San Diego potted his 4inch tall healthy cuc plants into larger pots, in a portable greenhouse ( metal frame, plastic covered) which is permanently out of the sun, then put them all in trays with 1 inch of water permanently in them.

Doesn't sound quite right to me and they're not growing.
They must surely be too wet (soaked) . Yes ?



Yes. Cucumbers need heat, sun and don't like being too wet.

28 Feb, 2014


Thanks for the reply, B, that was what I thought but wanted to be certain I didn't advise wrongly.
We've now moved the greenhouse into the sun and emptied the trays of water for the present.
I'm sure they'll now make a decent comeback.

1 Mar, 2014

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