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Does anybody know what these plants are?

Hpim5255 Hpim5256 Hpim5259



Top one's Tellima, probably grandiflora, the bottom one's a Geranium, don't know which till it flowers, middle one's very familiar, but no name's springing to mind.

14 May, 2010


Thank you so much, just googled your suggestions and you are spot on!

14 May, 2010


The middle one's a small Leycesteria formosa, or pheasant berry. They self seed generously so if you don't want a six-foot high bush there in a year or two, pull it out. Or you could transplant it to somewhere you do want one.

14 May, 2010


The middle one is Dicentra Spectabilis (bleeding heart).

14 May, 2010


I'm going with Leycesteria, Docbob, sorry.

14 May, 2010


The middle one is pheasant berry (Leycesteria formosa)

14 May, 2010

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