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Hi all, well the move is getting closer and closer so I guess I need to know if it's safe to move our established plants at this time of year?
We have:-
Goats beard (can't remember the proper name!)
Garden pink,
and finally
Any advice on how to move these would be great.
Thanks, Ian xx



With my extreme lack of horticultural knowledge, I would say pot 'em up with lots of hope, then get them back into the ground asap. I'm sure someone with the correct knowledge will help you, Ian. Meanwhile I hope everything goes well for your move and .... TAKE IT EASY! ;o)

16 May, 2010


Hi Ian if it means that you won't get another chance pot them up and hope for the best! use big enough pots and keep them well watered and in a shady place all tucked together-- probably only me but they seem to do better when all together ---then if they're happy replant them when you can, if the pots are big enough they shold survive-- you'll be able to see and if you've taken a good root ball it should help--- old woody plants won't thrive but young healthy plants should be ok-- try taking cuttings if you can just incase--- through nessesity I kept a young plum tree in a large bucket for over a year and planted it last november and its still alive --- hope for the best and keep your fingers crosed!

16 May, 2010


Thanks Nariz, I don't have time to take it easy but I am having regular breaks! (Carol sees to that! Lol)

Pam, The bed that they are going into will be ready before I dig them up but it is in full sun. Should I put them straight into it or leave them in the shade for a while?

16 May, 2010


its hard to say Ian-- i'd be inclined to plant things not in flower until later and pot up the others and plant after flowering---( can you fix up a handy water supply near the bed as thats what the'll need) also reducing the size may help because then the roots won't have so much top growth to support, you'll maybe lose this years flowers and you'll probably lose some plants but at least you've tried

16 May, 2010


I agree with Pamg this is what I had to do a few years ago. Leaving my plants behind wasen't an option!! Pot them up with as much soil as you can, keep them together micro climate and all that. and get them in the ground as soon as. May suffer a bit in the first year but they will all come back. And you'll wonder what all the fuss was about. Hope the move isn't too stressful. New beginings. Just seen you r new bed is in full sun. If it were me I would let the plants aclimatise to there new surrounds before putting them in the ground. Don't want to shoak them. Hope it goes well

16 May, 2010


I agree with Pamg generally, but I'd be inclined to keep them in their pots until they've recovered and started showing obvious growth and have put out new roots - the transition into new soil will then be easier, but whenever you do it, they'll need a fair amount of wateirng.

16 May, 2010

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