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Last year 2 forget-me-nots appeared in the garden, nice rich blue, one was fine and died down the other seeded over about a square metre, over a low wall and all round a paving slab, working hard to get them out before they flower, why should one seed and not the other, is it simple male and female.



no the flowers have both male and female parts. perhaps one got more water /sun etc so the seed formed better. Temperature at the time they were open is also a factor.

1 Mar, 2014


Thanks, will just have to watch them this year, or they will take over the garden.

1 Mar, 2014


Its quite nice to let them flower as they are so bright and cheerful, but pull them up before they've seeded. The few early seeds will just provide a few plants for next year. Works for me.(Except this year I overdid it and haven't got any - they are missed!)

2 Mar, 2014

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