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What's a garden pond without a lily? Wanted a small lily for a tiny pond. I am getting a bit confussed. In some articles Ive read, it say that I can have one lily called Nymphaea Alba and in others it says these are for larger ponds. GW did an article on ponds in barrels and they had a water lily. So what am I to believe??



There's a miniature called Nymphaea pygmaea alba which is probably what you read. Nymphaea alba is big.
Have a look at
They do a range for small ponds. I think I remember the one on GW and it was a tender one which needed taking into a greenhouse in the winter.

16 May, 2010


without a lily it is still a beautiful pond Great. but if you desperately need one then you will want a pygmy lily. if the plant has planting depths on the plant label you want one that needs 12" or less depth.

16 May, 2010


Water Poppy (Hydrocleys nymphoides) might work for you, but it would have to come inside in the winter.

17 May, 2010


thanks everyone, knew you guys would have the answer

17 May, 2010

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