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Underlay for stones (pebbles)


By Kirstyn

United Kingdom Gb

I want to put stones down in my garden under various fruit tree's. My Mother-In-Law is suggesting that this is not such a good idea as when the leaves fall of the tree's, this will in the long term cause weeds.
Now I understand that you would put, foe a better word, underlay undernaeth the stones. A colleague has said that there is a underlay with horizontal segments in it, like honeycomb, as an explanation of what I am looking for.
Does anyone know what this underlay is called, where i can get it and cost etc.



Why don't you go to b&q I got some ground cover there for 15 pounds, a little steep but does quite a big area. That's got tiny squares

8 Jul, 2008


Suggestion - buy bag of sand / cement mix and spread around base of tree,lay pebbles then water gently with fine rose on watering can.This will set 24-48 hrs form a crust weeds will not penetrate but not so thick that will restrict tree growth.As girth expands will push pebbles out.

8 Jul, 2008


The underlay you refer to is called Weed Suppressing Membrane...

also sometimes known as Weed Mat...

17 Jul, 2010

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