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By Swenja

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

hello, I have just moved to a house where the garden has extremly sandy soil and has had many years of neglect and constant shade and mess dropping from 8 very large conifers which have been removed only recently. I would ,ove to have a beautiful flowering garden with roses and evergreen plants as well as hunny suckle etc, have i gone a dream to far? please please could someone give me some advice and ideas. thenk you very much. s.

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There is one benefit to having sandy soil and that is drainage! You can always add to that with farm yard or stable manure, spent mushroom compost and any compost you can make yourself from the kitchen waste! I grow mainly vegetables on alluvial sand (I live on a prehistoric river bed!) and all I have to do is keep adding nutrients, usually (and to my wife's everlasting disgust) straight from the stables. Your dream of a flower filled garden is closer than you think and within a year you can have the beginnings of a beautiful space! Good luck with it and welcome to the best gardening site on the net!

17 May, 2010


you are a few tons of manure short of your dream as ian sais and a clean slate . on top of this as long as you collect a lot of manure is love it

17 May, 2010


I too live in surrey and bang smack in the middle of a sand belt ... look at some of the pictures of my garden.. there is hope, i tip the compost from my containers onto the soil and fork it over. Wherabouts in surrey are you?

28 Jul, 2011

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