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By Amundy

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a lithodora, herbaceous, it's flowering at about 12" high, has greyish-green leaves, slightly furry,1" long. Buds are deep pink, opening to deep, bright blue.
I can't find a picture to identify it (if it is a lithodora!). It also has trailing stems (brown, from last year) which had tiny white balls on them ?seeds.

On plant ? lithodora

Lithodora_2 Lithodora_1



Sounds good, so far.

18 May, 2010


I have a lithodora in the 'My Garden' and the 'Photos' section, Amundy, you could compare them from that maybe ?
I have it as a rockery plant and it's a beautiful blue colour.

18 May, 2010


Thanks. Louise, it looks as if your plant is evergreen? This one is definitely herbaceous (and showed it likes the Cotswold alkaline soil with a number of plantlets last year).

18 May, 2010


Yes, mine's evergreen (and low growing), yours is the same flower but different leaves and a lot taller - a new one on me ..... i like !!!

19 May, 2010


Thanks, Louise. If you live in the Cotswolds you can have one!
Anyone know its 'brand' name?

19 May, 2010

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