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Acuba leaf


By Grandad

Tyne And Wear, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone please tell me what is causing the leaves on my Acuba Japonica to go brown and crumble




Has it been accidentally sprayed or been splashed by any kind of weedkiller?

18 May, 2010


No hav'nt used weedkiller. Odd leaf was like this, but now quite a few gone brown

18 May, 2010


Some of the leaves on mine drop off - I'm always having to tidy them up. They are a slightly brown-ish colour, too, but the shrub itself is very healthy. Does your Aucuba seem to be OK apart from this?

Wait and see if any other leaves do the same. It might just be natural.

18 May, 2010


is a new leaf caught by the frost?

18 May, 2010


This is exactly what my neighbour's Aucuba was like. I pruned it right back, removing every vestige of dead leaf, as recommended by Bamboo......and it seems to be growing well again! I have a few on mine...and I actually thought it was severe frost damage from the past winter. All the branches were blackened too...on both shrubs ...hence the severe haircut!

18 May, 2010

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