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I recently bought a plum tree from a multi store. Due to limited space it is growing in a pot with multi purpose compost. It stands about 5ft tall but so far leaves only appear for about 6 inches above the graft with the upper branches appearing lifeless! Any hints?



it sounds like the graft mite be dying and being taken over bye the root stock .

18 May, 2010


i think i would be very tempted to take it back and replace it .check to see if they still have them in store.none of the trees are settled in there pots at these stores it may just be yours hasnt grafted well.

18 May, 2010


i agree

18 May, 2010


Thanks to Noseypotter & Plantmaiden for responding to my " Plum Tree " problem. Seems like I,ve bought a Rum Plum!


20 May, 2010


lol your welcome .

20 May, 2010

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