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By Hijuju

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Ive ended up with a strange film on top of my pond and i dont know what it is.We've got oxyginating weed in the bottom of the pond.Can anyone advise me what to do.
Hubby the lazy b*****d wont go and sort it out and he says its his pond !!!!!!!!.And im in a quandary in what to do



Hijuju im so sorry to hear this, poor you. As my pond is only a couple of weeks old I do not know the answer. Just wanted you to know Im thinking of you, and do hope you get it sorted very soon x

18 May, 2010


thanks great

18 May, 2010


hello , what sort of film are you talking about , is there a colour to it or is it an oily film,do you have fish in your pond and if so what foods do you use,

18 May, 2010


its almost like an oily film and ive got newts and a couple of frogs in it as well as plants

18 May, 2010


this often happens after an algal bloom has started to die. lay sheets of newspaper on the surface and then fold it back [like turning down the duvet]. the film will stick to the paper, remove and bin it. i find lily leaves also do this oily thing as they are dieing off. its a natural decay process of the cell membranes. [unless you or OH has spilt any oil, same treatment. ] Do not put any detergent in the water to break it up as it will damage any gilled animals living in there.

18 May, 2010


hello, if its a wild life pond these usually look after themselves, the film sounds like it could be a protein film which would probaly be caused by decaying plant matter in the pond, if its possible give the pond a freshen up by doing a partial water change, dont use mains water straight from the tap instead get a couple of clean buckets fill with tap water and let it stand for 24 hours then remove from the pond roughly about the same amount of water and pour your two buckets back in,do not do more than 25%of your pond at once,check you have not got leaves or any thing else building up on the bottom or even dead frogs which can happen at this time of year, good luck.

18 May, 2010


thanks for the answers he can sort it out when gets back from work

19 May, 2010


the slimy film on the pond has now gone, thanks to those who answered my question

13 Jun, 2010

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