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PLEASE READ AND HELP!!!!I have had to build a big retaining breeze block (13ft by 6ft) wall on the lower section of our garden. I want to paint the blocks, fix trellissing and then grow somthing up it...but what I dont know!! Can anybody suggest anything? The wall is at the lower level of the garden where the lawn will be so whatever grows there had to be pretty robust to cope with my kids! Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved!!!



Honeysuckle, Clematis, Sweet peas, Winter flowering Jasmine are some that might do? You need to consider aspect and drainage /soil type before you choose?

18 May, 2010


how about shrubs as well , some like to be against a wall, such as Ceanothus, depending on which way it faces Garrya elliptica, , some roses I've got Canary bird out at the moment covered in flowers like big buttercups, if you worry about thorns theres Zeferin drouhin-- try looking at the alphabet at the bottom for more ideas

19 May, 2010

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