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By Rohima

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Last year my pieris had lovely red leaves but this year it had flowers with just a few pale red leaves below. Is this normal or is there some thing that i should have done to ensure it had red leaves, Also now that the flowers are going over should i cut them off or leave them on. All advise most appreciated, thank you.



You can trim off the spent flower heads. Do you have a name for the Pieris you have? I'm interested in whether its a Pieris forrestii or P. japonica variety - the former has very noticeable bright red new leaves, the latter has much more flower and the new leaves are not such a bright red.
Any new leaves which grow will also be red - feed now with a general purpose feed and keep it watered. I am assuming, if it's in a pot, you have used ericaceous compost, and if in the soil, your soil ph isn't alkaline.

19 May, 2010


Sorry Bamboo but i don't have the name of the plant. It is in the soil which isn't alkaline. Have been out there all day and have just come in and showered so will trim off the spent flowers tomorrow. Goodness me, it dosn't matter how much work i do , there always seems to be more. Thank you.

19 May, 2010


If it is in a pot, make sure the pot is still large enough for the roots. And you're right, it's never ending out in the garden - but I'd still rather that than housework or winter, lol!

19 May, 2010


I am so lucky Bamboo. Due to my ill health my husband does most of the house work. He only lets me do gardening because he knows how much i benefit from it. He helps me with the heavy stuff and looks after the lawn. I find it it so therapeutic.

19 May, 2010


Aye, it's good for the soul, very peaceful.

19 May, 2010

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