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Fuchsia Question.

On Friday afternoon, I visited a Garden Centre that my maternal grandparents used to buy their plants from and while I was there I spotted a display trolley of fuschias.

I saw one I liked and it was also the tallest one there.

I was wondring if anyone could share some care advice for it.

Measurements: 21.5 inches / 54.5cm / 1.8ft.

Please note. I have no greenhouse due to no space where I live (and I don't trust the local kids with a glass building.)

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I had this one manĊ· yrs ago sadly no longer .

But happy to say you are on the way to make a good standard as this is the making of a whip.

Put a larger cane and keep it growing straight and then pinch out top when you are ready to make head.

For now feed for foliage with a high nitrogen feed.

In summer change to tomatoe feed.

If you temps are cold your fuchsia will need some indoor protection for any frosts.

Good luck

2 Mar, 2014


Thanks Scotkat.

You say pinch out when ready to make head. Does that mean, when it is high enough, I should pinch it out?

Is this to cause bushier growth?

2 Mar, 2014


Yes but only then you can take out any side shoots and use them as cuttings.

But leave the pairs of leaves all up the stem untill the finished height you want.

When it's the height ,I would then let it grow 3 or 4 more pairs then to stop pinch out.

Then let the 4 pairs grow as a bush the last 3or4 pairs becomes your head.

So then you count 1,2,3, then pinch out on every 3rd pair of leaves and to get a good shape you turn a quarter turn every day.

Good luck

2 Mar, 2014


Do want it as a standard? If you wanted a bush you'll need to cut the top off.

2 Mar, 2014


Thanks Scotkat.

Streragram, the tag says bush, but I Googled standard fuchsias, and they look nice too.

I will have to think as to whether a bush or standard would look better.

3 Mar, 2014

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