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Hello. How do I prevent worsening mudbath development, where the dog is continually stepping onto the now saturated, once grassy garden (a covering of sand or hay, perhaps)? Ta. Mark.



Oh dear, I'm sorry to say Mark that there is no way to prevent that other than keeping the dog off the grass until the ground has dried out. Even children playing on wet grass in winter will rapidly destroy the grass, so when its wet or frozen, it's actually a complete no go area.

4 Mar, 2014


Yep that used to be a mega problem here as well, I am lucky as I have the room for a dogrun, so my boys can still enjoy being outside without wrecking the garden, do you have the room to enclose an area for the dog....

4 Mar, 2014


OK, thanks for help. I'll have a ponder. -Mark.

7 Mar, 2014

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