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To my shame, I have discovered a forgotten packet of tulip bulbs in the corner of the shed. What is the best thing to do with them? Keep them, plant them, dispose of them...?



If they look ok, I would plant them and see what happens.

4 Mar, 2014


hi . yes plant them, because if you don,t they will just wither. you should get them flowering later than normal.

i plant some hyacinth bulbs in the late autumn, and deliberately keep some bulbs back in a plastic bag and plant them in February that way i get two seasons in one where i have them blooming as they have fabulous scent, when finished flowering i put them in the garden.

4 Mar, 2014


I'd plant them too, maybe in a pot so you can feed and water them....its a bit chilly in the soil right now
maybe not let them flower though?

5 Mar, 2014


Hi, I agree with the others, plant them and see what happens, the alternative is they will go mouldy, and rot, rendering them useless, so you have nothing to lose, and maybe something to gain, Derek.

5 Mar, 2014


Thanks everyone for your advice - just what I wanted to hear! I shall get planting :-)

5 Mar, 2014

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