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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Anyone live in Southern California ?

My daughter here grows all kinds of veg very successfully but her cucumbers don't sound very impressive. She tells me she grows them in a raised bed and that they grow up to 3 ft tall and have 5 or 6 cucs on each. Mine in England grow up to 8 ft tall and have at least a dozen.
What is she doing wrong ? Suggestions please.



Delonix lives in San Diego .....

5 Mar, 2014


Hank would you PM me please re carpel?

5 Mar, 2014


If she lives in southeastern California, her actual growing season may be to short. Here in the desert, normal cukes only do well in short periods before and after the extreme summer heat. Other things to check would be watering and feeding.

6 Mar, 2014


Thanks Tug, but she lives near San Diego, just over the border from Mexico, where it's a wonderful climate. (Depending on what you're after.) I've been here 2 months and it's been mostly in the 70s, and occasionally in the 80s and it's only rained twice heavily, and 3 times very lightly. And it can be much hotter in Summer.
She has an automatic watering system set up.

7 Mar, 2014


Well, eastern San Diego County can be hot enough to cause heat check, but near the coast wouldn't get quite hot enough. In between? Depends on the years weather.

7 Mar, 2014

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