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My back garden is on a slope, and as I have in recent years had a back problem I find mowing the lawn [even though my back is a lot better] a huge I have decided to let it go back to the wild, strimming only the places like the path and around the washing line to keep open access.
I'm hoping to encourage as many wild flowers as possible, I do have a problem with brambles though and hope to eradicate those as they seem to choke everything else off. Any tips and hints would be welcome especially about wild flowers, I haven't seen the humble Cowslip in years and am suffering withdrawal symptoms :o) :o)



Mine is on a slope, too, so I can empathise with you. Have you considered getting someone to make a series of level stages, with something like a paved area at the top to mean that equipment does not have to be carried up to the top?

21 May, 2010


For advice on a wildflower meadow have a look at the photos of GoY member Jacque who has put most of her garden down to this sort of thing. She's a lovely person and wont mind a bit if you PM her for advice.

21 May, 2010


Byrony thanks for your answer, Its not that the garden is very long or a even a steep slope...........I have had a couple of quotes to terrace it and the cheapest was £300, being a pensioner I am not willing to spend that amount on the garden, other things take priority, like heating bills :o) and even having it gravelled, so that I only have pots to care for, isn't cheap.............My next door neighbour will cut the grass for me, I don't want to sound ungrateful, but he can only do it in his time and it is well out of control already this year. Full of brambles and weeds some of which are rather pretty though..........I am at least going to have a bash at strimming the worst areas.

21 May, 2010


I should have mentioned that I did 'wild flower' section last year by using a wild flower seed mix. It was zero maintenance and looked quite pretty, just dug over and scattered the seed. The area is enclosed by a stone border which I think helped to stop it spreading, I think, and the border was covered by the tall flowers overhanging anyway.

The mix was from 'Poundland' (which some people would never be seen dead in! :D ) and was in a box, though I see that B and Q do one: and also Sarah Raven:

This one looks nice, too, and they have lots on offer:

My cheapo one included annuals which are not wildflowers at all, so the does seem to be an element of 'you get what you pay for' thought the bird and insect definitely loved it!

Anyway perhaps others have created wildflower patches and can offer advice?

22 May, 2010

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