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Perennial geraniums.Does anyone have any experience of growing these?I have the pink and the deep blue but would like some of the less common colours,especially the red.Are they successful from seed as I have never seen any plants for sale.Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks.

Answers is a nursery that specialises in them. The only snag is you have to pay carriage. But there are a great many varieties and something for most situations. When you say "the pink and the deep blue" - well, there are many of each, all slightly or very different. Some enjoy some shade and others like full sun. So have a look at the website and see what you fancy. Some are very low growing, some are tall and get rather floppy, some are in between. There are a few double ones (eg Southgate Double, which is a pretty pink)
A very few are evergreen but most disappear in winter.They are mostly very easy to grow. You don't say where you live - there may be someone near you who might give you some bits to grow on.
Rozanne is a recent medal winner and beautiful.

5 Mar, 2014


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They're not really readily available from seed but try googling it and you might come up with something

5 Mar, 2014


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5 Mar, 2014

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