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I'm not sure which variety my clematis is but it's a smallish purply flower ... every year it starts growing beautifully but after a while the flowers get smaller & smaller & either turn or come thru' blue. Is there anything I can feed it to stop this happening? The blue petals get a brownish/rusty tinge to the edges too.



I can't guess at the name but if the flowers are doing 'that' i'd wonder if it was too dry or maybe planted too shallowly, could you replant it deeper or perhaps mulch it heavily ?
Rightly or wrongly i use Miracle grow to feed everything here - clematis included, i don't know if that gives the correct nutrients but it gives good results.

23 May, 2010


Thanks Louise ... I wondered that but I water it really well as far as I can & I can't plant it any deeper as the heavy clay starts after around 7 inches... I thought I'd got the planting right as it grows so well at this time of year.
They do like a deep hole right up to a few inches up the stem don't they? On my photos page there are a couple of pics of it in first flower & it looks like a 'President' but I've had it so long I can't remember.
I use Miracle Gro ... it's a great help but I wondered if there was a specialist feed for clematis.

23 May, 2010

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