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Hi everyone, as my last question I asked got a quick answer I thought I would try another. I have a small silax willow that was doing very well in its second season.However over the past few days the leaves have dried and gone brittle, although it has been watered on a regular basis could it be it had not been watered enough. Up until a week ago it was in good health and looking good.



Small Salix - hmm, how small, which Salix spring to mind, pot or ground also. Only thing I can say is that Salix like a lot of moisture - if you live anywhere in the south of the country, it would have needed a couple of gallons about every five days (although that varies on the size of the plant). Otherwise, the leaves may have been caught in a late frost (last week) or been frazzled by the very hot sun we've had in the last few days. Talk about one extreme to the other, lol.

24 May, 2010

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