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when should i feed my pieris japonica

On plant Pieris



I give mine some fresh ericaceous compost around the base every spring. They don't seem to need anything else.

23 May, 2010


I do the same and it does get a liquid feed when the others do.

23 May, 2010


Well we never feed our Pieris nor any of the other plants growing in our garden....

23 May, 2010


Have just looked at some of your answers MG and I am a bit confused by your suggestions? As you often advocate feeding in your replies. Such as you suggested sequestered feed for a Camelia? So whats your secret if you never feed?
I feed my perennials and summer bedding every 2 weeks with liquid feed and shrubs get a mulch and dressing of fish/blood or bone in the spring.

23 May, 2010


Drc the suggestion on using sequestered feed for a Camellia was to someone who is growing in alkaline soil... We have acidic (created) or neutral soil and basically feed nothing. When replying to a question from someone who has alkaline soil I give the correct growing info...

23 May, 2010


Sorry MG but I still dont quite understand the difference? Does acid/neutral soil retain nutrients so that you dont need to feed, or in creating! it do you add so much to begin with that it lasts or do the plants demand less than alkaline lovers?

23 May, 2010


When we are preparing a flower bed we will add soil conditioner (used to be composted bark). But that happens only if we decide that a particular bed needs a total revamp. Other than that no we do not feed any of our plants or shrubs in the soil. The alpine beds need a lean soil and the plants thrive in it. We are not 'tidy' gardeners so the woodland beds get all the leaves, flower heads etc that fall and grow well - in some cases too well! We collect a lot of the leaves for leaf mould but there are always some that get left to just rot down, then there are bulb leaves and other matter that we allow to just rot back into the soil.

I've no idea if acidic/neutral plants need less nourishment than alkaline ones but I doubt it somehow.

24 May, 2010



24 May, 2010


You are welcome Drc

24 May, 2010

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