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Plant ID Please. What is this? It has little white bulbs/ nodules it grows from underground. Have a feeling it is a weed? Have always ripped it out and never have left it to flower/spread? Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

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Arum Maculatum or more commonly called lords and ladies,common woodland and hedgerow plant,we have it growing in our wood, you can often miss the flowers but it does have bright red poisonous berries later in the year.

8 Mar, 2014


to me they look like lords and ladies leaves, but i could be wrong on that one!

8 Mar, 2014


Thanks. Would you say this plant is safe around pets and children? Does it spread easily?

8 Mar, 2014


I found this on the The Poison Garden website:

Though the clump of orange berries formed in the Autumn shines out like a beacon in its natural, woodland habitat, their acrid taste and speedy irritation of the mouth means the plant causes little serious irritation.

8 Mar, 2014


I have never worried about them with the children as they smell unpleasant and I always showed the flowers to the children and explained that they were nasty to eat. they never have and they enjoyed looking at the unusual flowers.

birds eat the berries but rabbits sometimes nibble the leaves.

8 Mar, 2014

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