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Hi all , can you tell me the growth above the flowers on the wife's orchid will it go on to produce flowers in the future or should we just cut it off ? . The little nodules look as if they are lively but it looks odd, thank-you Roy.

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I have many Orchids Roy in this mode with a new bud growing at end.

Put in another stake and attach an Orchid clip to hold it down it will start to grow down.

Good luck a nice Orchid.

8 Mar, 2014


That's brilliant Scotkat we'll have a go at that thank-you Roy.

8 Mar, 2014


One of mine grew leaves at the end , then roots and now its in a little pot on its own!

9 Mar, 2014


Mine died within 7 days of being brought home from the GC waste of £8. Will keep the root, maybe it will shoot

9 Mar, 2014


Pang good luck with your Orchids as they are a joy and so worth the money .

As for cut flowers never buy as they don't last .

I would even prefer to buy cut flower Orchids if I was to buy flowers.

Have taken fresh orchid flowers back from Singapore before.

Just love them .

They don't like the cold.

9 Mar, 2014


Thanks Scotkat, I am just growing the little ones now, the sitting room was turning into a gh!

9 Mar, 2014

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