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Hi all again, I bought these 2 shrubs at the GC yesterday they are Leucothoe Curly Red & Nandina Domestica Obsessed ' Seika ' on the Leucothoe it says it prefers acid soil and we are about neutral, so how often would I need to water with sequestrene or is there another product I could use, thank-you Roy.

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I have leucothoe in alkaline soils and I water it spring and late summer with sequestrine but I also mulch with leaf mould that in my case is acidic. so its like a top dressing. some people use peat for this and others ericaceous compost to support the plants pH preferences.

8 Mar, 2014


Thank-you Seaburngirl that's a good idea with the ericaceous compost as well Roy.

8 Mar, 2014

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