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I've got to share this ORGANIC way to KILL APHIDS! it works a treat.



Ok. please tell

24 May, 2010


I got this from a book called "Nature on your side" by Ereet Buchner and Fieke Hoogvelt. Published in 1974 by Pan Books. It's a recipe for Nettle Manure.

Basicly just pick a bunch of nettles and put them in a bucket of water, cover and leave.

Now it recomends two aproaches.
Firstly leave for a few days and then strain. Save the liquid and spray your plants with this.


Leave for 5+ days then strain. Save the water and dilute it when spraying.

I strained some of after a couple of days and it worked really well on my roses. Then I left it and bottled it after a week. This also works but smells really bad and can leave little scorch marks on your leaves (though the rose didn't seem to mind). So take your pick. I've sprayed early this year with the same mix as a preventative measure....No aphids so far!

24 May, 2010


yeah it does stink!!!!. alternatively attract ladybirds to your garden by giving them some where to live, prettty flowers and hey presto friendy bugs to kill the nasty bugs.

24 May, 2010


It is soomething gardeners have been doing for a very long time. My recipe came from a book written in the mid 1800's

24 May, 2010


i gather but theres so many questions on here about aphids and no one seems to mention's like a secret...or something! ;)

24 May, 2010


No nettles here in Arizona, but I could probably find an alternative...

25 May, 2010


Try Rhubab leaves Tug, they have the same effect.

25 May, 2010


Thanks, Owdboggy. Those, at least, I can get from some grocers.

25 May, 2010

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